Homemade YOGURT

I’ve grown up in a house where yogurt was consumed twice, with lunch and dinner without a miss. Not a supermarket or maker-made one; simple homemade yogurt with only 2 ingredients…
Since I left home for university and later for abroad I started buying yogurt from the supermarket and hardly remembered opening them. And when I did, they never tasted like yogurt to me. They were either too runny or unnaturally solid.
Now that I have a son, I didnt want him to miss what I enjoyed growing up and decided to bring back the tradition of mum-made yogurt to our home. First a few try was a failure but now I have a consistency and I can see my son became a big yogurt lover too!

It is incredibly easy to make and one of the healthiest snack you will have in your fridge. Here is how I make (and my mum made it for decades) our yogurt;


  • 1 Litre of whole milk
  • 3 Spoons of full fat yogurt (I save some from the previous container I make)


  • Pour the milk in the pot leave it until starts simmering. No need for boiling it since your bottled milk is already pasteurised.
  • Take a big spoon of the hot milk and poor it to the bowl where your 3 spoons of yogurt waits. Stir it very gently until all yogurt is nicely mixed in the milk.
  • Poor the warm milk from the pot to your glass container. I noticed that my yogurt holds better when I do this while the milk is still fairly warm.
  • Now add the mix in the bowl to the milk in the container slowly while with your other hand stirring it very gently.
  • Now that everything has been mixed well, close the lid of the container and wrap the container in at least 2 table clothes or better with some blanket in order to contain the warmth as long as possible.
  • It is very important not to move the container from where it is and not opening it until the time is up.
  • Some says 7-8 hours are enough but my personal experience is that the longer I leave it wait the more solid my yogurt becomes. So, I try to wait at least 9 hours and if still not looking solid enough, I give it couple more hours.

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